Did You Know?
At PSC-Arts, seniors can learn Spanish and French, workout on a daily basis, have access to the Internet through our free computer labs as well as design and take home their own pottery and other artistic creations.

Services on Site

As part of Philadelphia Senior Center’s Services on Site (SOS) program, Service Coordinators assist seniors living in affordable housing properties with a comprehensive array of health and supportive services with the goal of maintaining their independence and dignity.

SOS Service Coordinators provide links to community resources for transportation, health care, pre- and post-hospital needs, socialization, nutritional support, and mental health counseling. In addition to social services, PSC has a variety of ancillary services that the service coordinator has available to them to support these seniors including: regular health promotion education and screening programs, home support services to assist with house keeping tasks, and access to PSC programs and services.

For more information, call 215-546-5879.


Philadelphia Senior Center on the Avenue of the Arts, 509 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147     (215) 546-5879    info@newcourtland.org

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